MaxGraphics is Located in Ames, Iowa and is curently a one man operation on a low income budget. The Artist’s name is Bradley Hemmestad and all work done by MaxGraphics is done by him. Bradley Hemmestad does not narrow himself to just one subject, he does multiple versions of art from game design all the way to web design and is striving to become the best at ALL forms of art including logo design, digital painting, animating, film and much more. Help Bradley Hemmestad to become known throughout the world as the leader of graphic design and contact us now for any project.



Bradley HemmestadBradley Hemmestad

Bradley hemmestad is currently 21 years old and is striving to be the best possible artist he can be for no reaseon other than he just loves doing it. He has done so much in these past few years with projects ranging from 100ft wall murals to film trailers and he plans on doing so much more as he gets better every day and with every project showing everyone what he is able to do.


"Looking foward to hearing from you"       -Bradley 

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